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Sexual Wellness with Sex Toys

Posted on October 20, 2016
Having an orgasm can be a trans-formative experience that leaves you feeling less stressed and more relaxed. Some benefits of orgasms are the ability to fall asleep easier after, or a boost in the happy chemicals in your brain. Most importantly, orgasm allows you to reach the deepest and most natural parts of your sexuality. Sex Toys help you feel your pleasure, and can bring you to find your first or most actual orgasms. With the help of toys, you can get comfortable exploring your body and learning what and where you like to be touched. For me, toys changed my life and I began to know myself in ways I didn’t before.

The Truth About Personal Lubricants and Glide!

Posted on October 12, 2016
When trying to enjoy sex toys and intercourse, often times, sex doesn’t always feel as amazing as we think it should, and that’s where lubricants come in handy. Just by dabbing a small amount, maybe the size of a quarter, either using solo, or by either partner will make things glide much smoother when the woman isn’t creating enough of her own natural juices. There are so many different kinds of lubricants to choose from. Below is a guide showing you main differences between ones that are oil, water, and silicone based.
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